The bandoneón and I

Omar Caccia, bandoneon player, bandoneonist.


My encounter with the bandoneón takes place in 2013: the only eye contact with this instrument bewitches me. Within a few months I got one and started playing it. But the bandoneón is a demanding instrument: playing "by ear" as I had always done is no longer enough, I feel the need for a master and to deepen the musical language.


Autumn 2017 comes: a series of circumstances takes me to South America, with the bandoneón as travel companion. I move to various locations but my real destination is becoming clearer: Buenos Aires. In February 2018 I reach the Argentina's capital and settle there. I start studying the bandoneón at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory.


In December 2021 I finish the T.A.P. at the "Manuel de Falla" Conservatory, Buenos Aires. I begin to concentrate on musical interpretation studying with teachers from Argentina and Italy. Meanwhile, I focus my musical research on organ works' transcription and adaptation of works from keyboards' literature on the bandoneĆ³n.



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