The bandoneón 148

The Bandoneón 148, evolution of the bandoneón 144.

As the readers of this blog know, I play the bandoneón 144 tones and actually I play the same scores playable with the 142 system and even scores... // Continue reading //

Walther Porschmann, the forgotten virtuoso

Walther Porschmann, the forgotten bandoneón virtuoso.

Many people don't know that there was a time when the bandoneón was very popular in Europe, especially in Germany. We speak of a period from... // Continue reading //

Interview to Igor Sayenko

It is a great pleasure for me to introduce Igor Sayenko, a Ukrainian musician who plays the bayan and the accordion professionally. Igor started... // Continue reading //

Bringing order to the caos #2

Tritone in the bandoneón.

Let's continue with the second article of the topic "Bringing order to the chaos". Today we talk about the tritone and its location in... // Continue reading //

Bringing order to the chaos #1

The keyboards of the bandoneón are a real chaos. However, some logic can still be found. In this article, let's start trying to put some order out of the chaos. Today we try to simplify the keyboard... // Continue reading //

Linux and bandoneon

I am a Linux user and I play the bandoneón. Okay, I'm twice weird. I use an operating system not very widespread and I play an uncommon and unnecessarily complicated musical instrument... // Continue reading //

Functional Training for bandoneón players

Ana Castro is a bandoneón student at the Conservatory who practices Functional Training. The workout program with improvement of the study and musical performance as goal interests me a lot, so... // Continue reading //

Interview to Baltazar Estol

A few years ago I saw a video by M. Rodolfo Daluisio playing a bandoneón built by Baltazar Estol. Until that moment I thought that brand new bandoneóns were prerogative of Europe... // Continue reading //

Interview to Francesco Bruno

While still living in Italy I started looking for a bandoneón teacher to study with. As italian bandoneón students knows very well, teachers in Italy are still few and not always... // Continue reading //

Brothers in bellows

I've always been in love with the organ.
Personally, however, I consider the bandoneon to be an "entrance door" to the vast world of organ music. Even if it is a discreet door, it should be crossed with the awareness of... // Continue reading //

Studying bandoneón at Buenos Aires Conservatory

This article is about my experience as a bandoneón student in the Argentine capital, and particularly at the Conservatory. When I left Italy in 2017 to deepen the study of this instrument at the... // Continue reading //

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