Synthetic nylon bandoneon straps. Synthetic nylon bandoneon straps.

Synthetic bandoneon straps for sale

A groundbreaking alternative to leather

In July 2021 I wrote an article about my experience with synthetic straps for bandoneon. In that article I wrote a review for this innovative type of straps and I said that in that moment they were not available for sale.

In the past nine months, however, I worked to start a professional production of these straps.

The synthetic bandoneon straps are handmade in Italy in a professional tailoring. The straps are laser cut to ensure maximum precision. They are indestructible, inextensible, washable, adjustable with precision thanks to Velcro.

Forget about making new holes in the leather to fit the strap to your hand! Available with standard rivet (4mm) or 7mm. Sewing comes with various colors available.

How to order

You can order your synthetic straps by writing me through the contact form in the home page or through my social media that you find at the bottom of the site. Free shipping.

Here are the prices of the straps:

  • 1 pair: 35 euros
  • 2 pairs: 65 euros
  • 3 pairs: 80 euros

Write me to book yours or to ask infos.

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