Workout for bandoneón players.

Functional training for bandoneón players

Build muscles to play better

Ana Castro is a bandoneón student at the Conservatory who practices Functional Training. The workout program with improvement of the study and musical performance as goal interests me a lot, so I asked her if she wanted to write something about it.

Why should a bandoneon player workout to complement musical training?

Our instrument, in addition to the requirement of sitting for several hours a day, also demands to pull and push with our arms continuously to generate the air pressure that produces the sound.

Given these demands, it is not good for music to suffer from our discomfort and muscles fatigue while we study or perform a score. Therefore, we consider it very convenient to complement our preparation as bandoneon players with some physical activity, which guarantees not only greater comfort when studying and performing, but also a healthier life.

How to start?

Disclaimer #1: Before starting, please consult your doctor.

Disclaimer #2: The info in this article is applicable mainly to those who play following the technique of Pedro Maffia (then deepened and spread by M. Rodolfo Daluisio).

There are two fundamental zones to train:

  1. The muscles in the central body, or “core” in order to maintain good posture;

  2. the muscles involved in bellows movement: mainly lats, chest and deltoids.

HWe have collected some videos with calisthenics exercisesthat may be useful for this purpose.

Train the core #1

Train the core #2

Train the 2nd zone: back

Train the 2nd zone: chest & deltoids

Clarification: It is not necessary to do all the exercises in these videos. By taking at least one core exercise, one back exercise, and some variation of push-ups (last video attached) the specific objective outlined in this article is achieved.


Mobility exercises are important before and after the activity. Before, to prevent the muscles and joints that are strained suddenly from suffering strains, stretches or sprains; and after activity, to prevent possible muscle pain and stiffness. We attach some videos about it.

Stretching exercises

Ana Castro

Ana Castro has taken personal trainer courses and has also given training classes with body weight for a while. She is a personal trainer and did functional training for some years. She currently competes in powerlifting and streetlifting.

She is studying bandoneon at the "Manuel de Falla" Conservatory of Buenos Aires. To put in contact with Ana (instagram):


To read the original interview in spanish click here.

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