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Discover Alfred Arnold Catalogue - 1936

The production of the AA in those years

In this article I'm sharing the PDF of a catalog from Alfred Arnold dating back to 1936. This catalog provides an overview of Alfred Arnold's production, which included not only the bandoneon 142 but also bandoneons with different keyboards and a variety of concertinas.

Access to this type of document is crucial for collectors and enthusiasts as it offers a broader understanding of what the bandoneon represented in Germany during those years. In that regard, I also wrote a specific article about the bandoneon in Germany during the Nazi period.

The catalog is entirely in German, but it's still possible to identify the various types of instruments produced by the factory during that time.

Download the catalogue as PDF

Download Alfred Arnold Catalogue - 1936


Instruments designed for beginners, with limited keyboards (ranging from 64 to 128 tones).

Rheinische Bandonions

The classic 142 models, primarily intended for the Argentinian and Rio de la Plata market.


The "official" German bandoneon, invented in 1924 to unify the various available keyboards at the time. This is the instrument I personally play.


Square-shaped bandoneons. Personally, I'm not familiar with this type of instrument, so I don't know about it.

Chromatic bandoneons

Instruments with a "serial" keyboard. They were produced in versions such as Kusserow, Meisel, and Piano.


The closest relatives to the bandoneon. Produced in versions such as Carlsfeder, Schefflersche, and Chemnitzer.

All instruments were available in smooth (liso), Perlmutter (nacarado), or Mosaic finish.


I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Heeju Oh for sharing this catalog with me and all the readers of the blog. Thank you, Heeju!

Download the catalogue as PDF

Download Alfred Arnold Catalogue - 1936


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