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As a music student and performer, I feel the need to share and discuss my studies and my musical research. Therefore, this blog serves as a platform to deepen those discussions and share them with readers from all over the world. Secondly, keeping this blog is an exercise to deepen the understanding of the musical language, because writing and sharing makes us understand better. Thirdly, it is a free space to express my thoughts and reflections about this amazing and relatively new instrument, the bandoneón.

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A practical solfege system for piano players

A practical solfege system for piano players.

In this article, I discuss an alternative solfege system specifically designed for piano or keyboard players. This system enables... // Continue reading //

Alfred Arnold Bandoneon Catalogue, 1936

Alfred Arnold bandoneon catalogue, 1936.

In this article I'm sharing the PDF of a catalog from Alfred Arnold dating back to 1936. This catalog provides an overview of... // Continue reading //

Understanding the bandoneon: a guide for composers

Understanding the bandoneon for composers.

Looking to learn more about the bandoneon and how it can be utilized in composition? Check out our article which delves... // Continue reading //


Three film soundtracks with the bandoneon

3 colonne sonore con il bandoneon.

The bandoneon is perhaps the quintessential melancholy instrument, as well as being the symbol of tango itself. Due to its unique sound... // Continue reading //

Interview to Claudio Constantini

Interview to Claudio constantini, bandoneon and piano.

Claudio Constantini is one of the most interesting bandoneon players in the international music scene. He is a renowned concert piano and... // Continue reading //

Optimize the daily music study when you have few time

Having few time for the daily practice of your instrument can be frustrating. Let’s see then how to optimize the study to achieve your goals.

There are moments when musicians are forced out of necessity to drastically limit the amount of time to dedicate to their practice... // Continue reading //

Maurice Duruflé, life and works

Maurice Duruflé: life and works.

My interest in Maurice Duruflé started by chance a couple of years ago, thanks to a post on Facebook in a group of organ players... // Continue reading //

How to record, from a musical point of view

Prepare a recording from a personal point of view.

Preparing a score to record it presents technical difficulties that improve the knowledge of the musical work and makes you... // Continue reading //

Synthetic bandoneon straps for sale

Synthetic bandoneon straps for sale.

In July 2021 I wrote an article about my experience with synthetic straps for bandoneon. In that article I analyzed this revolutionary... // Continue reading //


Unisonoric or bisonoric: which bandoneon to choose?

Unisonoric or bisonoric: which bandoneon to choose?

Who starts to play the bandoneon has to take a first important choice: bisonoric or unisonoric? These are two different keyboard settings, each... // Continue reading //

Paradisi's Toccata - bandoneon transcription analysis

Why study classical music with bandoneon.

Paradisi’s Toccata is a splendid work for harpsichord by the Italian composer Pietro Domenico Paradisi, sometimes also known as... // Continue reading //

Why study classical music with bandoneon

Why study classical music with bandoneon.

Although it is inextricably linked to tango, the bandoneón was born in Germany as an instrument for folklore and popular music... // Continue reading //

Music and lucid dreaming

Music and lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a particular state of consciousness in which you're aware you're dreaming. The phenomenon has been known for... // Continue reading //

Hitech synthetic bandoneon stripes

Synthetic bandoneon stripes in nylon.

Do you know that feeling of playing for hours in summer and your bandoneon leather straps... // Continue reading //

Travelling with bandoneon: shipping in airplane's hold

Travelling with bandoneon: shipping in airplane's hold.

I recently travelled with two bandoneons on an intercontinental plane trip. One of the two instruments was... // Continue reading //

Ensamble 96, a new bandoneon music project

Ensamble 96, a new bandoneon music project.

Ensamble 96 is a Chilean Quintet formed during 2020. The Ensamble is a creation of bandoneonist Alfonso Covarrubias... // Continue reading //

History of the bandoneon in Germany during the Nazi era

History of the bandoneon in Germany during the Nazi era

If you play the bandoneon, your instrument was probably built in Germany during the Nazi era. I know that this information generally doesn't... // Continue reading //

Fred Dömpke, jazz bandoneón pioneer

Fred Dompke, jazz bandoneon pioneer

The bandoneón is conquering a significant role in jazz. Many bandoneón players are exploring this genre and are enriching it with... // Continue reading //

Bandoneón with registers

Bandoneón with registers.

The idea of a bandoneón with registers is not new and has been already tested in Germany, especially with the 144 Einheits model. If... // Continue reading //

The bandoneón 148

The Bandoneón 148, evolution of the bandoneón 144.

As the readers of this blog know, I play the bandoneón 144 tones and actually I play the same scores playable with the 142 system and even scores... // Continue reading //

Walther Porschmann, the forgotten virtuoso

Walther Porschmann, the forgotten bandoneón virtuoso.

Many people don't know that there was a time when the bandoneón was very popular in Europe, especially in Germany. We speak of a period from... // Continue reading //

Interview to Igor Sayenko

It is a great pleasure for me to introduce Igor Sayenko, a Ukrainian musician who plays the bayan and the accordion professionally. Igor started... // Continue reading //

Bringing order to the caos #2

Tritone in the bandoneón.

Let's continue with the second article of the topic "Bringing order to the chaos". Today we talk about the tritone and its location in... // Continue reading //

Prélude op. 18, César Franck

In this article I'll talk about the criteria that I followed in the bandoneón transcription of the famous Franck's prelude, the problems I encountered and... // Continue reading //


Bringing order to the chaos #1

The keyboards of the bandoneón are a real chaos. However, some logic can still be found. In this article, let's start trying to put some order out of the chaos. Today we try to simplify the keyboard... // Continue reading //

Linux and bandoneon

I am a Linux user and I play the bandoneón. Okay, I'm twice weird. I use an operating system not very widespread and I play an uncommon and unnecessarily complicated musical instrument... // Continue reading //

Functional Training for bandoneón players

Ana Castro is a bandoneón student at the Conservatory who practices Functional Training. The workout program with improvement of the study and musical performance as goal interests me a lot, so... // Continue reading //

Interview to Baltazar Estol

A few years ago I saw a video by M. Rodolfo Daluisio playing a bandoneón built by Baltazar Estol. Until that moment I thought that brand new bandoneóns were prerogative of Europe... // Continue reading //

Interview to Francesco Bruno

While still living in Italy I started looking for a bandoneón teacher to study with. As italian bandoneón students knows very well, teachers in Italy are still few and not always... // Continue reading //

J.S. Bach's 2 Voices Invention n.13 - Analysis

The two-part invention n.13 by J.S. Bach is part of the program of the exam of bandoneón pregrado II in the Buenos Aires Conservatory "Manuel de Falla", corresponding to the fourth year of study of... // Continue reading //

Brothers in bellows

I've always been in love with the organ.
Personally, however, I consider the bandoneon to be an "entrance door" to the vast world of organ music. Even if it is a discreet door, it should be crossed with the awareness of... // Continue reading //

Studying bandoneón at Buenos Aires Conservatory

This article is about my experience as a bandoneón student in the Argentine capital, and particularly at the Conservatory. When I left Italy in 2017 to deepen the study of this instrument at the... // Continue reading //

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